Interior Design

Actimel Lamp, made with an Ikea wall light and 37 used bottle of drinkable yogurt.

Mozzarella Lamp. Wood, aluminum bars, Ikea paper sphere.

Red Star. Wood, cloth, enamel paint.

"Lenin Soap", it's a soap dispenser based on a Lenin's Bust... "wash away the stink of capitalism"! Made with polyurethane resin and aluminum parts.

Buddhist Butsudan. Wood, MDF, black enamel, golden wax, Ikea lamp.


A plastic bottle, a scrap of wood, a box from Ikea… things that alone are useless or inadequate were put together to a new life and meaning. From a simple wooden plate enclosed in a piece of cloth damped with water and glue… to the fully functional complexity of a woodworking project.




Interior design, furniture, art, light design